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Electrical Switch Boxes are required to re-direct and re-arrange a multitude of power cables for any given purpose. EME designs and builds such interface boxes, with capabilities ranging from single end-to-end harnesses to electronic switch panels for the world’s most modern aircraft.

Electrical Switch Box

Cockpit Boxes

EME Electrical Switch Box D760M0000101-2

Product Highlights

EME’s capabilities range from single end-to-end harnesses to the build of electronic switch panels for the worlds most modern helicopters. Airbus Helicopters trusts EME competence, every day.


  • Airbus Helicopters H135
  • Airbus Helicopters H145

Installation Position

EME Airbus Helicopters H145T2 vorne

Electrical Switch Boxes

Multi-Interface Box

Product Highlights

Sometime a multitude of power cables need to be re-directed and re-arranged for its intented purpose. EME is able to design and build such interface box, securing the perfect aim.


  • Business Class Seats

Installation Position

EME RECARO- Seat zentral 2
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