Our experienced in-house engineering team is perfectly set up to drive and support the entire life cycle of products – from research and development to design and prototyping to qualification and product support. With capabilities in the areas of both mechanical and electrical-/ electronic components, EME specializes in the end-to-end development of a wide range of aeronautic systems, including all documentation needed.



We perform a wide variety of tests throughout the lifecycles of our products inside the company. Any technical development is accompanied by development tests in order to achieve a design confirmation at the earliest possible stage, but also to allow further optimization, always in time for the following Design Review. Testing is also important during production. Acceptance Test Procedures, developed by the Engineering Team, are specific to every EME product. They reflect its characteristics and unique features. In this way, the highest level of quality is assured for every part leaving the company. Our strict approach is complemented by accelerated product reliability test methods like HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) and ESS (Environmental Stress Screening).


One of the pioneering companies in the development and manufacture of electro-mechanical actuators for highly engineered aerospace applications, EME delivers highest maturity levels, flying millions of pieces in the world. Each of our leading edge quality products undergoes a thorough qualification process to ensure its reliability. Again, acclerated test methods such as HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) are used in order to not only fulfill the technical requirements but to even exceed them in terms of extreme robustness. Among others, we have exhaustive experience with:

  • FAA/EASA Qualification
  • RTCA DO-160
  • RTCA DO-254
  • MIL-STD 461/810
EME Elektrometall Engineering Qualification


The design process of aircraft components includes a broad variety of safety-ensuring procedures, such as materials selection, structural stress and thermal analysis, performance and reliability prediction and many more. EME’s design group look back on many years of experience and are optimally equipped for optimizing their products in terms of performance, weight and durability requirements.

They use state-of-the-art IT solutions, such as the 3D CAD-System PTC Creo with Cabling Module, Finite-Element-Methods and PCB Designer Tools.

EME Elektrometall Aircraft Parts Airbus Engineering Design


Although most specification requirements and characteristics can be validated to a fair degree by means of computer-aided simulation and modeling today, prototyping is still an indispensible step in the development process of aircraft components. To quickly and economically fabricate scale models of physical parts or assemblies for physical testing or engineering interim checks, EME’s prototyping specialists use latest technologies such as 3D printing or additive layer manufacturing based on three-dimensional computer aided design (CAD) data. In addition, an array of high-performance CNC machines is available to rapidly build a broad range of parts.

EME Elektrometall Aircraft Parts Airbus Engineering Prototyping

Technical Documentation

Legal and contractual requirements as well as established industry best practices mandate detailed technical documentation. EME supports all document requirements from the approval of components and assemblies to project qualification and certification. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Full documentation according customer specific Quality Systems (e.g. GRESS)
  • Documentation based on Written Evidences/Calculations for Performance, Static Strength, Fatigue, Thermal Loads, Safety and Reliability
  • Documentation based on Qualification Testing for all kinds of Environmental Conditions and Endurance
  • IP data and data modules (ATA iSpec 2200, ASD S1000D) for Product Support.

Product Support

Aviation is one of the industries least tolerant of downtimes. Accordingly, customer service with shortest delivery times is one of EME’s top priorities. Our dedicated customer support specialists offer 24/7 AOG support for each product. Spare parts support is provided through both in-house and partner distribution channels to ensure the availability of critical items at tight service levels. Moreover, EASA and FAA-approved own and authorized partner repair stations all over the world provide repair and overhaul services for all mechanical components and systems.

EME Elektrometall Aircraft Parts Airbus Engineering Product Support


Constant innovation is in our DNA. Our engineers are permanently looking for areas where aircraft can be improved, even outside the traditional application fields of our technology. A perfect example is our recent development of a device that greatly benefits passengers, crew and cleaning staff by significantly increasing in-flight hygiene. In cooperation with Schüschke Solid Surface GmbH, we invented a non-touch lavatory waste flap. Before its introduction, the person using the lavatory would wash their hands, wipe them with a paper towel and dispose of the same by pressing down the flap of the waste container. In the process, the freshly washed hand would be exposed to germs on the flap. In addition, water would be left on it, further promoting microbial proliferation. Our sensor-actuated non-touch flap, which exclusively reacts to human body parts, opens and closes automatically, thus increasing lavatory hygiene levels significantly.

EME Elektrometall Aircraft Parts Airbus Engineering Innovation non-touch lavatory waste flap

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