EME was established in 1952 as a designer and producer of aerospace and ordnance equipment. Since then, the company has been engaged in the development and manufacturing of electromechanical aircraft components for the international commercial and defense aerospace industry. Our customers value the leading edge technology of our products as well as the outstanding support levels we provide.


EME becomes a subsidiary of TransDigm Group Inc.


EME decided to separate from its business relationship with the GVZ (Güterverkehrszentrum) in Ingolstadt.


EME becomes a subsidiary of DCX-CHOL Enterprises Inc.


EME establishes its subsidiary EMP as a best-cost operation in Paks, Hungary.


EME becomes a subsidiary of SL Industries Inc. and formed a Joint Venture in Hungary.


EME moves location from Dusseldorf to Ingolstadt, Germany. At the time, the heart of the German aerospace industry is in Southern Germany; MBB (later, EADS; today, Airbus Defence & Space) is headquartered in Ottobrunn near Munich.


EME becomes a subsidiary of International Controls Corporation (ICC) and starts actively participating in the Bundesverband der Deutschen Luftfahrtindustrie (BDLI).


EME is assigned with the development of the MRCA Tornado Roll & Pitch Trim Actuator.


EME establishes a repair service as a European representative of EEMCO, headquartered in Los Angeles, US. Maintenance of the EEMCO F 104 Flap & Slat Drive Systems.


The sanctions against the German aerospace industry imposed in the wake of WWII are lifted. As a result, dealing in aircraft components made in Germany becomes possible.


Establishment of the Elektro-Metall Export GmbH in Dusseldorf, Germany, by US Air Force pilot William Alexander Hamilton and Udo van Meeteren. EME is concerned with the design and production of aerospace and ordnance equipment.

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