All of us at EME are dedicated to safeguarding the two pillars that our company has rested on since its establishment in 1952: Persistency and Innovation. Persistency when it comes to our immovable values – ultimate reliability, quality and flexibility, which we will never surrender. Innovation, where it is about staying ahead of the technology to help build better, lighter, safer and more economical aircraft.

Our Mission

Reliability is an imperative in all facets of aviation. One of the most essential presuppositions to ensure reliability is to apply the highest quality standards in everything we do. As aviation is a field of constant innovation and innumerable purposes, applications and demands, we are also committed to a maximum degree of flexibility. We are determined to remain a world-class supplier of electromechanical actuation systems, wiring harnesses and other relevant components for the international aerospace industry. All our products are designed to give aircraft manufacturers and operators decisive benefits. By reducing life-cycle cost and lowering system complexity, we make a small but significant contribution to our customers’ long-term competitiveness. Beyond being a trusted and preferred supplier to the industry, however, we are determined to create a business climate with our customers and partners as well as a working climate and career-opportunities for our employees that result in sustainable relationships distinguished by the utmost mutual respect and loyalty.

Executive Assistant

Sylvia Seitz
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Vice President Sales & Marketing

Stephan Truckenbrodt
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