At our headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany, EME employs approximately 150 specialists in multi disciplines. Our subsidiary named EMP for best-cost serial production of wiring harnesses in Paks, Hungary, has another 170 staff. Production batches range from large-scale production to small batch series right down to individual specimens. Accordingly, many processes are largely manual but machine supported wherever human accuracy can be enhanced.


EME’s facility in Ingolstadt, hometown of Audi and thus a very technologically minded industrial location, has approx. 4,500 m2 of factory floor, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for all manual and machining purposes. Here we produce about 12,000 units of 90 individual products across 20 product categories. Our Ingolstadt faciliy focuses on the manufacture of electromechanical parts such as linear and rotary actuators, sensors, switches and joysticks. Electrical wiring harnesses, a constantly growing pillar of our product portfolio, are made in our fully certified 2,900 m2 factory in Hungary.

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